The philosophy behind
my strategy

My philosophy is that whatever ‘labels’ children are given to describe their learning difficulties, it is important to look at strategies through which children can learn.

My belief is that the best way to overcome any possible barriers is to develop strategies over time and continually re-assess their effectiveness.

Sometimes, a one-off assessment only provides a snapshot of a child on a single day.

By working with a child over time, there is opportunity to overcome issues such as low confidence and poor motivation through positive learning experiences.

I can help to :

• build literacy skills

• boost confidence in numeracy skills

• support children with special educational needs

• stretch and challenge children who would benefit from extra educational stimulation

• develop pre-school skills

• catch-up and keep-up with school work

• make a smooth transition to secondary school


As a specialist teacher, the content of my tailored intervention programmes are drawn from a wide range of resources and informed by up-to-date educational guidance.

I believe in using resources which are relevant and meaningful to the children.

The sessions are structured with a mix of activities to provide a learning environment to engage, stimulate and stretch the child.