In Schools

For a variety of reasons, some children may benefit from intervention within the school day. In a school setting, on a freelance basis, I provide the following (either individually, especially with respect to specific skills teaching, or in groups):

  • Specific teaching programmes, tailored to the needs of individual children for the development of their literacy or numeracy skills;
  • Confidence-building sessions, such as with ‘reluctant’ writers or those struggling with maths;
  • Challenge sessions to ‘stretch’ and stimulate children, such as with extension activities in maths;
  • Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar sessions for those struggling to get to grips with the rules and terms, or those who would benefit from being introduced to more advanced concepts;
  • Support sessions which focus on targets in a child’s Individual Education Plans or in preparing evidence for the LEA as to the type and extent of specialist support a child may need in the future;
  • Preparation sessions to support Year 6 children in making the transition to high school;
  • Other programmes, such as handwriting or fine motor skill development.


Any involvement with a child in your school would, naturally, involve close liaison with parents or carers, class teachers and teaching assistants.  I have recording systems already in place and means of monitoring progress.  Indeed, if requested, reports can be written to both document the input given and the outcomes achieved to be shared amongst other relevant educational professionals (including the LEA).   Moreover, it has been one of the driving forces behind my model that a ‘snapshot’ assessment on a given day provides only limited information about a child, their difficulty and ways of overcoming it.    My approach aims to provide a fuller picture of a child over time, whilst intervening in a way that has a positive impact on their learning development.

I have been ‘CRB’ checked and have an Enhanced Disclosure from Bradford Metropolitan District Council.  Further, I can give references both from a school context and parents’ perspectives and my educational qualifications are available for viewing.