I provide one-to-one teaching sessions at your home. After an initial, informal assessment of need, quality intervention programmes focus on the target area for the child. Typical target areas include: maths, reading and writing. The child’s response to the sessions serves to create a fuller picture of the child’s abilities and identifies difficulties in the area focused upon. It is suggested that it is beneficial to keep a relatively narrow focus for intervention.

The one-to-one teaching is aimed at primary-aged children. However, children, or students, making the transition from primary to high school may also benefit. My teaching can involve both ‘ends’ of the ability range and also those children who need a temporary ‘boost’ in specific areas where they are struggling.


Typically, sessions would be once a week for an hour, at the child’s home. However, there is flexibility according to the needs of the child and the requirements of the parents.

In addition to working directly with individuals, I also work in schools, providing services on a flexible basis, according to the needs of a particular child or group of children. As well as one-to-one teaching (such as with specific learning difficulties), I can work with children either individually or in groups to:
• build confidence (such as with ‘reluctant’ writers);
• challenge those who would benefit from extra ‘stretching’, such as with maths activities;
• focus on specific skill development, such as handwriting or fine motor skills.